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CBD and Brain Chemistry

CBD and Brain Chemistry

what is cbd? Cannabis is enjoyed for many thousands of years across various countries for the relaxing results. And even though a lot of people notice that cannabis contains a few different phytochemicals, or plant-derived compounds, they may well not understand that these chemical substances mimic the consequences of substances currently present in the body that is human. In reality, the physical human anatomy comes with its individual cannabis system – called the endocannabinoid system.

The Exos- and Endos- of Cannabis

Phytochemicals, such as for instance THC and CBD, are believed cannabinoids that are exogenouswhere “exo” means ‘outside the physical human anatomy,’whereas anandamide isconsidered an endogenous cannabinoids. These substances are produced naturally and cause Similar effects as phytochemicals in the body and brain. Continue reading CBD and Brain Chemistry